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#BOOM: Customer Insight & Analytics for Marketers

Working with Acrotrend felt more like a partnership than a typical client-consultancy relationship. They went above and beyond to understand our market situation and needs, creating an analytics framework that we can use to engage our audience community like never before.” 

Amandeep Sandhu
Vice President - Customer Insights, UBM Tech

Because you care about your customers...

Put them on the world's only cloud-based customer analytics framework for marketers

You want to make your data work for you - not the other way around!

You want to base your marketing decisions on customer insights

#BOOM is right for you if...

You're ready to take your existing data insights to the next level

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Sandeep Mendiratta

Managing Director

Co-founder of Acrotrend Solutions

Shailesh Mallya

Head of Technology

Lead designer behind the #BOOM Framework

Michelle Pallis

Marketing lead for #BOOM and Acrotrend

Head of Marketing

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Secure data input

Secure analytical output

#BOOM: How it works!

Secure data warehouse

- Predictive modelling

- Data management

- Insight analysis

Data visualisation

KPI reporting

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Cloud-based analytics framework

Customer data sources

Product data

Secure data input

Secure marketing output

-Data integration

-Secure data warehouse

-Advanced analytics

-Business intelligence

-Statistical models




Social media


3rd party data





Strategic customer 




#BOOM: How it works

Brand data

Marketing data

Meenal Ashtikar

Head of Customer Insights & Analytics Solutions

Leader of client business strategy and implementation

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About Acrotrend:

Acrotrend is a globally-operating customer insight and analytics consultancy. Established in 2007, our current roster of clients includes QVC, Ocado, GlaxoSmithKline, Cancer Research UK, Nuffield Health and more. Data visualisation and business intelligence reporting is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Acrotrend's team of BI scientists and architects can do for you. We help not only uncover data insights, but also put them into action and make them work for you. 

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